Uniden Bearcat BCT15-X 9000ch Radio Scanner Reviewed

Let’s be honest — choosing a radio/police scanner can be hard work, in no small part because its uses are so various, as the backslash between those very descriptors indicate. There are some who want to use them to broadcast a radio signal out to workers at a large distance, and those who want to use them to tune into frequencies around the neighbourhood. Add in the fact that scanners aren’t always the easiest tools to research, and getting your “signals crossed” here is all too understandable.

Uniden Bearcat BCT15-X 9000ch Radio Scanner

But hey, that’s what reviews such as these are for, so let’s take a closer look at the Uniden Bearcat BCT15-X and see how it registers.

Features of Uniden Bearcat BCT15-X

Part of the challenge of finding a quality radio scanner is wading through all of the technical terminology. Well, good news and bad news; sure, there’s a ton of terminology to go through with the Uniden BCT15x, but that’s because it has a lot to offer as well.

Among the most important product features offered by this model are:

  • 9000 dynamic channels
  • AM, FM, and WideFM Mode enabled
  • Measurements of 182mm x 56mm x 150mm
  • Weight of 1.55kg
  • Frequency ranges: 25 to 512Mhz, 758 to 823.9Mhz, 849 to 868.9Mhz, 894 to 960Mhz, 1240 to 1300Mhz
  • TrunkTracker III, which allows the unit to connect with Motorola, EDACS and LTR
  • Close Call RF Capture Technology, which allows the unit to instantly tune into signals being transmitted by transmitters nearby
  • Band Scope to help find radio activity nearby
  • Continuous coverage of frequencies from 25MHz to 1.3GHz (excluding UHF TV and cellular frequencies)
  • DCS/CTCSS Rapid Decoding capabilities, which allow you to detect and display sub-audible tones and thus ascertain the optimal settings for your system
  • SAME and NOAA Weather Alerts
  • System and Channel Tagging, which is another way of quickly gaining access to certain systems
  • Ability to connect with BC-RH96 Remote Head
  • Priority ID scanning for trunked systems
  • AC Power adapter
  • Automotive accessory power plug
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Mounting and bracket hardware for allowing it to interface with your PC
  • Three-wire power harness

As you can tell, that’s a lot, but it points to just how loaded with features the Uniden BCT15x is. The features for the Uniden BCT15x range from pretty standard (the weather alerts and tuning capabilities) to more advanced and impressive (its sheer range and clarity).


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Weather Alerts Programs

As noted, the Uniden Bearcat BCT15-X is compatible with SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) weather alerts, ensuring that you have the latest information on the weather now and in the near to mid-future in your area. If you work a job where that’s important (see: jobs at sea) and that also require walkie-talkies and radios, this is a must-have feature.

Trunk Scanner and Police Channels

The trunk scanner is quite effective, especially when it comes to tuning into tapping into police channels (just make sure that you’re doing so legally.) The fact that it already works well with common systems such as Motorola is also a big plus.

Member of the Fire Brigade

In terms of using this for work, the SAME weather tuner is quite good, and can also come in handy if you work in a volunteer fire brigade. The Close Call RF Capture Technology can be connected to GPS, making it easier to find channels while you’re on the go, which is a useful feature to have if you need to maintain or obtain radio contact with your team while in motion. Finally, with 9000 distinct channels, you’re almost certain to be able to receive a clear signal on at least some of them no matter where you are.

What Do Owners Say?

On the whole, user feedback for this scanner has been positive. Some users who are new to Uniden note that it takes some getting used to, but once you are familiar with their setup, it’s a breeze to use. While a minority of users have been annoyed by the perceived need to hook it up to the PC and some find the unit to be showing its age, most have praised its overall clarity and versatility for the type of scanner it is.

You can also check a quality video review by Chito Productions:

Pros and Cons

  • A ton of features
  • Ease of use
  • SAME and NOAA weather reports
  • Ability to hook up to PC and GPS with ease
  • 9000 channels
  • You may need to hook it up to your PC
  • It can take time to get used to Uniden’s setup
  • If you are not familiar with radio scanners, then the first programming won’t be easy

Is Uniden Bearcat BCT15-X 9000ch Worth Your Money?

Our rating:  4.2 / 5

The Uniden Bearcat BCT15-X stands out as a radio/police scanner with a bevy of features that is still pretty accessible for average users. It’s an older scanner, yes, but with age comes experience, and most users’ experiences with this model have been positive. As long as you know what kind of scanner you’re getting, you should be able to use it with ease.

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