Uniden Bearcat UBC-370CLT Reviewed

Uniden is one of the world’s most popular and prolific producers of two-way radios and channel scanners. With a radio scanner, you can monitor police, emergency, fire communications channels, and much more. They are a necessary item for communities, habitations, vacation spots in remote parts of the world where help may be out of reach in a disaster. They are also a great resource for local independent journalists as well as for public safety professionals, sailors, truckers, and even hobbyists. The company has changed hands a few times over the years, but they still produce quality products.

Uniden Bearcat UBC-370CLT

Here, we will discuss the Uniden Bearcat UBC-370CLT. This item is a base scanner and alarm clock. It’s an interesting combination clearly built for professionals who must be awake and alert at specific times. It’s also relatively inexpensive and is a great choice for hobbyists looking to get into CB radio for the first time.

Features of Uniden Bearcat UBC-370CLT

The UBC-370CLT is a multi-channelled conventional channel scanner. It can store frequencies for quick dial access, PMR, Free Net, Aircraft, Marine, HAM, CB, and more. It can scan as many as 500 channels spread out over ten banks, making it surprisingly agile for an older model. Use it to scan:

  • Analog public safety channels
  • Marine and amateur (HAM radio) bands
  • Aircraft (commercial and private) band
  • Railroad bands
  • Business/Industrial radio and utilities
  • FM Broadcast Stations
Other Features and Specifications:
  • Channel Memory Scanning: Scan frequencies that you have stored in any of the banks or channels at a rate of 90 channels per second or less.
  • Memory Capacity: Store and monitor as many as 500 channels spread out over 10 banks.
  • Channel Name Utility: The UBC-370CLT allows the user to name channels for quick and easy identification of key channels.
  • CTCSS/DCS: Search and display any DCS or CTCSS tone.
  • USB PC Programming: Program the scanner with your PC.
  • Direct Channel Access: Press 0 to 9 and hold for quick access to stored frequencies.
  • Channel Lockout: Skip selected channels in your scan.
  • Alarm Clock with Snooze: Wake up with your chosen frequency and hit snooze.
  • FM Broadcast: Store and search as many as 30 pre-set FM channels
  • Priority Channel: Choose a frequency as a priority channel to be checked automatically every 2 seconds.
  • Priority DND: Shows that no priority checks will be made while a transmission is being received.
  • Duplicate Channel Alert: Alerts you to duplicate saved channels.
  • Limit Frequency Searching: Allows you to set search parameters.
  • Skip Frequency: Skips non-favourited frequencies.

Now that we know what this scanner offers, let’s check what owners of this machine have to share.

What Do Users Say?

This scanner is highly sought after by veteran radio scanner and CB users both professionally and from the hobby world because it offers unique features and capabilities that are hard to find in newer, more expensive scanners. Part of the reason is that the Bearcat has a dedicated clock screen. This means that the clock display does not have to switch off in order to show the channel and scan information display.

Here you can check a great overview video by Chito Productions:

Most scanners combine these two functions into one screen which can be inconvenient for users who are actively communicating on and about channel chatter.

Another unique and attractive feature of the Uniden Bearcat UBC-370CLT is its ability to scan military air bands. Most scanner manufacturers these days shy away from this not because it is illegal, but because they are afraid it will become illegal and they will be held liable in retrospect. The Bearcat’s military air band goes from 225 megahertz to 380 megahertz. So not only does it scan this unusual frequency, but it does so in a particularly wide range.

Pros and Cons


The outstanding benefits of the Bearcat are the fact that the clock face is dedicated and the fact that it gives you the ability to scan a wide breadth of military air bands. Those two features alone make it worth having since you won’t find them in any other radio scanner to speak of.


The most outstanding drawback of the Uniden Bearcat Uniden ubc370clt is the fact that the screen is glossy. Sure, it looks nice at first glance, but it is particularly vulnerable to glare from overhead lights – and most lights are overhead. It’s far from a deal breaker, but it can be a very minor inconvenience- especially if you’re using a work space that you don’t own.


Our rating: 4.3 / 5

In conclusion, if you’re a professional public safety worker, a mariner, pilot, are in charge of the safety of a small remote community, or just a hobbyist, the Uniden Bearcat UBC-370CLT may not do everything you want and it may not be the most powerful scanner, but it is by far the best starter scanner. It is also an excellent addition to your workstation if you already own a higher-end scanner as it is likely to do things your current equipment cannot do… and don’t forget, you’ll always know what time it is while you’re scanning.

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