Upgrow Walkie Talkies For Kids Reviewed

Long gone are the days when we had to choose between two dolls or two action figures to give to our children for Christmas or birthday. In 21st century, it’s no small task to choose a good gift from among the countless toys that are available in nearly every toy shop. Not to mention the purpose of the gift. Should it be for fun? Or mainly educational? Should it provide fun for more than just a few weeks? Or should we skip all this and just give them money?

Upgrow Walkie Talkies For Kids

Well, if you are considering something that is fun, educational and that it will also teach your children a thing or two about technology, then you might consider the Upgrow walkie talkies. These walkie talkies are designed especially for kids, thanks to their simple user interface, design and usability. However, they also function just like normal walkie talkies, just with somewhat limited functions.

So, let’s check the features and specifications, so you get decide whether or not you wish to give your little ones these devices.

Features of Upgrow Walkie Talkies

As I have mentioned above, while designed for kids, these walkie talkies work just like the ones for adults. They come on various colours in a compact, yet modern-looking design and have a talking range of up to 3 kilometres in open space. By pressing the middle button, you can talk to other Upgrow walkie talkies’ users in range within the same channel. There are 8 channels in total.

To keep the compact design and low weight, the talkies are made of classic toy ABS material. The built-in flashlight is a great addition and can be quite useful. If one is within the call range, the sound is clear even if multiple users are present on the selected channel. Each walkie talkie uses 4x AAA battery.

Here is a list of main specifications and features the Upgrow walkie talkies offer.

  • Made of classic toy ABS material
  • Backlit display
  • Up to 3 kilometres range in open space
  • 8 Channels
  • 10 Call tones
  • Adjustable volume
  • Talk confirmation note
  • Auto squelching
  • Keypad lock, which allows you to not accidentally change your personal settings
  • Keypad tones
  • VOX function (hands-free setting)
  • Low battery alert function
  • Come in various colours

What Do Owners Say?

I’m pleased to say that most verified users are quite satisfied with the Upgrow walkie talkies. Just as the manufacturer claims, the sound is quite clear without any cracklings or unwanted hiss noises. This is actually pretty impressive for a toy walkie talkie.

The design, weight and compactness – is great for all kinds of small hands. The main TALK button is in the middle and clearly visible, so your children shouldn’t have any problems using them. However, if your kid is extra curious, he or she might be tempted to push all the buttons, including settings, lamp and channels. While the other buttons are smaller, maybe they could have been located in the back or at the bottom, so just not to draw too much attention.

Here you can check a good video overview by Mer Product Reviews:

The range and reception of the Upgrow walkie talkies is indeed as advertised. Most users were actually quite surprised by the range, considering the machines are designed for kids.

The lamp and volume settings are quite easy to change, simply by a push of a side button.

While I completely understand why the exterior is mostly made of ABS plastic, my guess is that the walkie talkies won’t survive falls from heights. It is also best to avoid rain downpour, as these talkies are not waterproof.

The additional features like keypad lock, multiple channels, tones and auto-squelch can come handy in any kinds of role play games.

Pros and Cons

Now that we know a thing or two about these walkie talkies, let’s summarize the information into pros and cons.

  • Clear sound and great reception
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good distance range
  • Affordable
  • Come in several colours
  • ABS plastic isn’t as durable as metal alloys
  • The Upgrow walkie talkies aren’t waterproof


Our rating: 4.5 / 5

Now that we are familiar with the Upgrow walkie talkies, you can decide for yourself is these are the walkie talkies you wish to buy for your children.

As you can guess from countless online reviews, most users are quite satisfied with them. Naturally, they do have pros and cons alike, but in my humble opinion, the former clearly outweighs the latter.

Happy Chatting!

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