YIYAN Walkie Talkie Long Range YI-889 Two-Way Radio Review

As a lover of the outdoors, or a business that requires connecting workers through a seamless communication device, you need a quality, easy-to-use tool independent of cellular networks that does not need regular charging.

YIYAN Walkie Talkie Long Range YI-889 Two-Way Radio

Such a device is an exceptional walkie-talkie.

With a high-quality walkie-talkie; you stop worrying about how far you or your employees are from the cellular mast or mobile phones going off.

Often, when you opt to use regular communication devices like the mobile phone, (or even email – okay I am kidding on this one) it becomes hard since mobile phones require cellular networks, can go off due to the many functions that come with smartphones, and can even mess your business up.

An excellent walkie-talkie saves you time and money if you are a business that requires constant communication between warehouses, vehicle fleets, or even a video production house shooting scenes consecutively, as we shall discuss in later paragraphs.

Guangzhou Yiyan Co. Ltd, the manufacturer of this device, has been in the electronics business for a long time and has produced other top-range walkie-talkies and communication devices.

Features of YIYAN Walkie Talkie Long Range YI-889

Here are some of the key features:

  • Frequency Range: UHF: 400-520MHz | VHF: 76-108MHZ 134-174MHz
  • Digital Voice Encryption (DSP), Location Search, SOS Function
  • With GPS Location
  • Team Members Missing
  • Alarm Function
  • Flashlight Illumination
  • High Output Power – VHF-UHF 10W, Voltage: 8V DC

I know that this description may sound a little scientific, and a tad too hard to understand. So shall we simplify the science a little? Here are a few simple reasons why you will love this product:

  • 1.77 Cun Colourful Screen

This feature makes it easy for you to monitor the walkie-talkie. Some of the screen elements include the remaining battery life, the channel number, among other features.

  • Ease of Portability

Given that you will be carrying other things as you embark on your activities, a compact, light gadget will go a long way to reduce the load you have. YIYAN Walkie Talkie Long Range YI-889 is made light to enhance portability and convenience.

  • Battery Life 

Walkie Talkie Long Range YI-889 comes with High Capacity Polymer battery. As with other lithium-ion batteries, you can also recharge this walkie-talkie’s battery before starting your task. What is even better, you can choose to use a high power (10w), middle power (5w), or low power (1w), depending on the number of days you intend to be away from the power supply. It also comes with a battery-save function that helps you save energy.

Additionally, the walkie-talkie is fitted with a low battery cut to ensure that it does not drain and lasts a long time.

  • GPS Precise Timing and Stopwatch Function

Given the diverse areas that the walkie-talkie will use, YIYAN uses GPS to synchronize time precision up to 100 billionths of a second. This means, therefore, that the various walkie-talkies can share the limited radio spectrums competently.

  • Clarity of Communication

YIYAN Walkie Talkie Long Range YI-889 has both wide and narrow bandwidth selection of 25KHZ/12.5KHZ. The high bandwidth means that communication is clear and is easy to reach. Additionally, this walkie-talkie model has a multifunctional scanning function.

Additionally, you will love the fact that YIYAN Walkie Talkie Long Range YI-889 is easy to program for Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System (CTSS), which reduces the noise of other conversations while using your device.

Pros and Cons

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Clear two-way communication
  • Comes with a clear Mandarin / English voice guide 3
  • Gives you access to many memory channels
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Selective, group, or all calls function to suit your purpose
  • Fully computer programmable
  • GPS location function that makes it easy to locate users if they lose track
  • Minimal information available about how to use the device
  • Relatively expensive


Our rating: 4.4 / 5

Sure, the device may be a little bit expensive compared to other models that provide lesser functions, and yes, you may find it complicated to use at first. On the other hand, YIYAN Walkie Talkie Long Range YI-889 is a durable, high-quality walkie-talkie.

Once you’ve gotten around how to use it, you will enjoy many benefits that surpass the few cons. If you are an outdoor person who likes hitting the wild, your walkie-talkie can be the difference between you finding your way or being found and being lost forever.

Companies that use walkie-talkies for business purposes will enjoy the clear communication provided by the programmable function of CTSS that this product offers. The battery life and portability of the device are also reasons why you will love this product.

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